The roots of Park Place Projects go back to the early 1980s in New York City.

Founder Will Knapp arrived in town with a singular desire: to work in theater. From day one he walked the streets of Manhattan, strolling into every theater he could find. He offered up his services in any department where he could be of use.

Filled with the beginner’s confidence that there is nothing that is unlearnable he took on every kind of responsibility; stage manager, carpenter, house manager, designer, director, producer, even actor.

Eventually his never-say-no attitude expanded his world beyond the theater to television, film, concert, opera, ballet and special events. The bounds expanded beyond New York as well until he had taken art of every sort to over 40 countries.

Realizing that the global network of talent he had built up over the years should be organized into a service easily deployable to the live entertainment world he started Park Place Projects.

Since 2010 Park Place Projects have been looking for the truly difficult projects. The one’s whose vision and scope demands big thinking and genius problem solving.

These are the ventures that Park Place is keen to join.

06-07 * Theater %22La Boheme outside the garret%22


  • Anthony Forret
    Anthony Forret Video Projects Europe

    My name is Anthony Forret and I’m originally from Archachon, France. Today I do most of my creative art work from Paris.

    I find inspiration in many places and have traveled to Madagascar which has influenced my creative style and process. I create art because I love to make the pixels shimmer. I specialize in video design focusing on the director’s vision. I also enjoy working in light design when the opportunity arises.

    My art style is generative. I am motivated to communicate through image. I have been creating art for 16 years. My favorite artist is Paul Klee and I find his work to be morphing! I connect with the art community by collaboration. My work has been seen at Broadway, off-Broadway, Worldwide Events.

    I intend for others to experience a journey of discovery when they see my work.

  • Anna Rodriguez
    Anna Rodriguez Director of Company Management

    Anna Rodriguez is happy to be joining Park Place after many years on the road. She will be heading up company management teams in getting talent and crews to locations around the world.

    After working backstage in the theaters of Chicago IL on shows such as “Two Dimes” at Lincoln Park Children’s Theater and the hit “Twenty and Nevermore” at The Waverley Collective she got her first opportunity to go on the national tour of “Jenkins at Bat”. And with that she fell in love with the road, spending as much as 9 months a year for the next decade on tour. She has taken show to 6 out of 7 continents (when is that tour to Antarctica going to happen!?!) as well as 47 of the 50 states (OK, hitting those last three states is a lot more likely than a tour to the south pole).

    Now she is ready to settle down a little bit and mentor the upcoming generation of company managers.

  • Jeannie McMahon
    Jeannie McMahon General Manager

    From a stage manager in a small summer stock theater to a general manager with shows around the word Jeannie McMahon has grown up in the industry and grown with it.

  • William Knapp
    William Knapp Director

    William Knapp is a NY based production manager working in the art and performance worlds. He has mounted performances in over forty countries with MacArthur fellow artists Martha Clarke, Merce Cunningham, Richard Foreman, Mimi Lien,  Meredith Monk, Michael Moschen, Lynn Nottage, Elizabeth Streb, Twyla Tharp, Jennifer Tipton, and Shen Wei. He has worked with Robert Wilson, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Robert Whitman, Benjamin Millepied, Emanuel Gat, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Justin Peck. He has facilitated collaboration between these live artists and fine artists such as Robert Gober, Olafur Eliasson, Robert Rauschenberg, Charles Long, Christopher Wool, Barbara Kruger, Terry Winters, Catherine Yass, Christian Marclay, Ernesto Neto, Liam Gillick, Ruby Sterling, Gabriel Orozco, Jackie Matisse Monnier and Richard Hamilton.